Brute Coins

Introduction: Brute Coins in BruteCO serve as a valuable in-game currency, allowing players to access unique items and features. These coins can be earned through various activities such as staying online, participating in Guild War, Fabled Coffers, Magic Lamps, and defeating monsters.

Where to Spend Brute Coins: Brute Coins can be spent at WildGirl in “The Above”. She offers a wide range of items and services in exchange for these coins.

Services and Items Offered:

  1. Socketed Items:
    • Players can buy socketed accessories like Earrings, Necklaces, Boots, Rings, Bags, Bracelets, and Heavy Rings. Each item costs 750 Brute Coins.
  2. Attribute Boosters:
    • Brute Coins can be used to purchase attribute boosters like Chocolate (STR), Cookie (VIT), Ice Cream (SPI), Candy (AGI), MagicFind Booster, and SocketChance Booster. Each costs 45 Brute Coins, except the EXP Ball, which costs 15 Brute Coins.
  3. Event Activation:
    • Players can use Brute Coins to start different in-game events:
      • Drop Event (30 Brute Coins).
      • EXP Event (30 Brute Coins).
      • 8 Hours x5 Training Ground EXP (30 Brute Coins).
      • Mining Rate Boost (20 Brute Coins).
  4. Boss Summoning:
    • A unique feature where players can spend Brute Coins to summon bosses like Purple Pheasant, Tiger King, Fury Ape, Sand Monster King, Pirates, Arena Tiger PvP, and Terato Dragon. The cost varies based on the boss, ranging from 8 to 80 Brute Coins.

Additional Notes:

  • Boss summoning is subject to cooldowns and player count requirements, especially for events like the Arena Tiger PvP.
  • The cost of items and services in Brute Coins underscores their value in the game’s economy.
  • Keeping track of your Brute Coin balance is crucial, as some services require a significant number of coins.

Conclusion: Earning and spending Brute Coins in BruteCO adds an exciting dimension to the game. Whether it’s enhancing your character’s attributes, purchasing socketed items, or triggering unique events, these coins provide players with a wealth of options to enrich their gaming experience.