Responsive Iframe

Evolve & Conquer

Relive nostalgia, forge new memories on an epic reborn journey through BruteCO.

Keep yourself up-to-date with BruteCO’s YouTube channel, which offers system breakdowns, tips and tutorials!

Stable Source

BruteCO is built on stable source code, ensuring a reliable and smooth gaming experience for all players.

Balanced Rates

We ensure well-balanced gameplay with carefully tuned rates from damage calculations to item drops.

Unique Content

Fishing, Superman Archers, NPC to hunt for you, Shift + Left Click for storage, Wave Survival Event, and much more!

discord br0??/

All users are encouraged to join our lively Discord community, where they can connect with fellow adventurers, receive real-time updates on exciting events and new features, and gain exclusive access to in-game rewards and bonuses!