The Fragmented Realm Event – Patch Notes

January 21, 2024
It’s been a little while since we’ve had a decent sized update, I’ve done some minor work and a lot of behind the scenes work though lately. I won’t post too much about that but my main focus up until recently was a lot of networking and server stability related updates, so things might have seemed stale for a while! I’ve improved on a fair bit and there’s plenty to go. We’ll likely notice less…

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New Rankings Page & Guild War Times – Patch Notes

December 28, 2023
New Rankings & Statistics: Introducing a revamped rankings & statistics page on our website. Now featuring the top 10 players across all of BruteCO, enhancing the competitive atmosphere. More top 10 lists will be added gradually to other pages. Stay tuned for further updates! Guild War Adjustments: Guild war times have been rescheduled to accommodate a broader range of players. Guilds with diverse player locations will have a better chance of winning. Guild wars will now occur every Saturday, with extended durations…

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Voiced NPCs & More – Patch 20230001

December 09, 2023
Exciting Client Update Alert! Heads Up, Brutes! Today’s update needs a bit more from you – a client update. So, fire up BruteLauncher.exe and gear up your client to the latest version. And guess what? This is just the beginning. We’re also gearing up for a festive Christmas event and more cool updates, coming your way real soon! New Thrilling Features Voiced NPCs in Twin City: A Game-Changer! Ever wondered how it would feel to have NPCs not just…

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Go to hell, Archers! – Patch Notes

November 26, 2023
While there’s no patch client patch, here’s a list of our server sided updates over the past few days including some new changes today. The most notable one is probably allowing you never-satisfied loot hungry archers back into Hell. Off you go! Be sure to give me feedback on the rates in there versus playing a melee class. Event Updates PK Tournament Frequency: Now occurs 4x less frequently. PK Tournament Rewards: Adjusted to 450 from 750. Skill Restrictions in…

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BruteCO Release – Patch 20230000

November 11, 2023
We’re back Brutes, better than ever! Here’s what’s new: New Features New Fishing Skill: Explore the tranquil art of fishing with our new passive skill, available at the southern bridge in Twin City. Like mining, fishing offers a peaceful way to gain experience and rewards. Class Updates Superman Archers: Archers can now master the Superman XP skill at their trainer in the promotion hall. While it offers a lower damage bonus compared to warriors, it’s a significant enhancement…

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BruteCO News Image

BruteCO has returned?

July 23, 2023
Hey everyone, guess what? BruteCO, our beloved Conquer Online private server, is back in the game! I know, I know, we took a little unscheduled vacation there for a couple of years… but we’re back now, and we’re not just dusting off the old code. We’re here to pump in some fresh energy and bring you all the classic thrills with a side of shiny new updates. We’ve missed the chaos, the battles, the community –…

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