VIP Explained

Ultimate Guide to VIP Features in BruteCO


As a VIP member of BruteCO, you are at the forefront of an enhanced gaming experience. Your support is pivotal in the game’s growth and contributes to an engaging and dynamic community. Let’s dive into the exclusive commands and features that define the VIP gameplay.

VIP Exclusive Commands

As a VIP, your gameplay is streamlined with these powerful commands:

  1. /autoscroll:
    • Function: Automatically use scrolls like Meteors, Dragon Balls (DBs), Gems, and +Stones.
    • Perk: Effortlessly manage inventory upgrades and enhance efficiency.
  2. /e:
    • Function: Toggle autoloot for Elite items.
    • Advantage: Never miss collecting high-value Elite items.
  3. /s:
    • Function: Toggle autoloot for Super items.
    • Benefit: Auto-collect valuable Super items seamlessly.
  4. /t:
    • Function: Toggle autoloot for Treasure Chests.
    • Utility: Automatically acquire Treasure Chests to boost your treasure hunts.
  5. /g:
    • Function: Toggle autoloot for Gems.
    • Convenience: Collect essential Gems without manual intervention.
  6. /m:
    • Function: Toggle autoloot for Meteors.
    • Ease: Gather Meteors crucial for upgrades and trades automatically.
  7. /junk:
    • Function: Instantly drops most junk items.
    • Cleanliness: Maintain a clutter-free inventory by focusing on valuable items.
  8. /vipaura:
    • Function: Toggle a distinctive VIP Aura.
    • Feature: Enhance your presence with a unique visual effect.
  9. /autospam:
    • Function: Activates automatic item upgrading until resources run out or item is maxed.
    • Efficiency: Streamline item enhancement processes.
  10. /tradechest and /tradekey:
    • Function: Trade a Treasure Chest for a key or vice versa.
    • Flexibility: Swap items based on your current needs.

You may not have noticed right away, but CPs are also auto looted as a VIP player while hunting. For non VIP users, bags drop on the ground with a few CPs in them, which can be very time consuming to loot.

Epic Strongboxes

Acquiring and Utilizing Epic Strongboxes

  • Purchase Location: Available at the Raven in the center of Twin City.
  • Cost: 50 CPs (Conquer Points) per Strongbox.
  • Key for Unlocking: Earn one key for every $5 donated, used to open Strongboxes.


  • Epic Strongboxes contain a range of mysterious and valuable items, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • Rewards vary, offering a mix of in-game resources and exclusive items.
  • Chance for bonus items alongside main rewards, adding to the excitement.

Epic Strongboxes in BruteCO are an exciting way for VIPs to gain access to exclusive and potentially game-changing items, embodying the thrill of mystery and reward in the game.

Event Time


  • Event Time: A unique perk obtained through donations, with 15 minutes of Event Time added for every $5 donated.
  • Server-wide Benefit: Activating Event Time boosts the entire server, not just the player, enhancing both drop and experience rates to x3.


  • Command: /event [duration] (Replace [duration] with the number of minutes you wish to activate).
  • Duration Limits: Can set between 1 and 1000 minutes.


  • Global Effect: When activated, the entire server experiences elevated drop and experience rates.
  • Visibility: Players receive a server-wide notification, acknowledging the initiation or extension of the event.
  • Remaining Time: Players can view their remaining Event Time via a message after activation.

Event Time in BruteCO is a powerful feature, allowing VIP players to significantly enhance the gaming experience for everyone on the server. It’s a community-centric perk that underscores the impact of contributions by VIP members.


Your VIP status in BruteCO not only supports the game’s development but also grants you access to these exclusive commands, enhancing your gameplay significantly. Enjoy these perks as a token of our appreciation for your continued support. Your journey in BruteCO is now more efficient, rewarding, and enjoyable. Thank you for being an integral part of our gaming community.