There’s plenty of quests within BruteCO, for now here’s a brief explanation of a couple of them. We will continue to expand on them with NPC names, locations and more quests.

1. Broken Sword Quest

Task: Your mission is to avenge a betrayal by killing a Stone Bandit and retrieving a broken sword from them. This quest is set off by interacting with a quest giver who feels betrayed by his own clan, the Stone Bandits.

Location: The Stone Bandits are located east of your current position, blending in with Rockmonsters.

Rewards: Upon completion, you are awarded a pair of Super +3 Boots and a Copper Ore Voucher​​.

2. Collector Zhao’s Quest

Task: Collector Zhao in Twin City tasks you with hunting a rare Red Turtledove and retrieving its bone.

Rewards: Successfully completing this quest allows you to choose an Elite +1 Armor of your preference, such as Trojan Armor, Taoist Robe, Archer Coat, or Warrior Armor​​.

3. Phoenix Mystic Oldman’s Quest

Task: This quest involves defending a castle from bandits by targeting their leaders, the Caterans. You must eliminate a Cateran and bring back its flask as proof.

Location: Caterans can be found south of the castle.

Rewards: The quest completion offers a selection of headgear (Trojan Coronet, Taoist Cap, Archer Hat, Warrior Helm), along with two Meteors and a MeteorTear​​.

4. Ape City Takeover Quest

Task: Initially, you assist a character in creating a concoction to make apes intelligent, but this backfires, leading to an ape takeover of Ape City. The next part of the quest is to find five ScentDrugs to revert the apes to normal.

Rewards: The quest concludes with you receiving a Super +3 Necklace and a Copper Ore Voucher​​.

5. Phantasm Kungfu Boy Quest

Task: Help a boy who wishes to enter a temple that requires a Stone Glyph. After entering the temple, you face challenges involving an undead and a demon.

Rewards: Completion of this quest earns you Super +3 Earrings and a Timber Voucher​​.

6. The Immortal’s Quest

Task: This quest involves searching the desert for a magical lamp and returning it to the quest giver, who has been searching for it for centuries.

Rewards: You are rewarded with a random number of gems for handing over the lamp​​.

7. Skymaze Quest

Task: Navigate through a challenging maze with floating stones and dragons. Each level of the maze offers different challenges and rewards.

Location: The maze is located in a perilous area known as the Skymaze, which is designed to be a labyrinth of floating stones.

Rewards: Rewards vary by level and include items like a Meteor, HeroToken, +2 Stone, DragonBall, or MeteorScroll. Note that the entry fee is a meteor​​.

8. Labyrinth Quests

Task: These quests involve teleporting to different levels of a labyrinth, each requiring specific tokens or virtue points.

Rewards: The rewards vary based on the level of the labyrinth you reach and complete. Each level poses different challenges and prerequisites​​.

9. Emperor’s Herbalist Quest

Task: Assist the Emperor’s Herbalist in collecting PoisonFang from WingedSnakes and the heart of a CrimsonViper for an antidote. You will also need to find RedRootHerb from Kikori, a woodcutter in the village of Southern Maple Forest.

Rewards: Completion of this quest earns you a batch of SnakeAntidote to give to GeneralDoku​​.

10. Lumber Jack’s Herb Quest

Task: A woodcutter, Kikori, offers you a rare RedRootHerb for 10,000 Silvers.

Rewards: Paying the woodcutter earns you the RedRootHerb​​.

11. Angel Ring Quest

Task: An elderly man needs help retrieving a ring stolen by a grey bird. The bird flew northwest, possibly requiring a sharp knife to recover the ring.

Rewards: Returning the ring earns you a different ring as a reward​​.

12. Dragon Rune Quest

Task: A spirit regrets losing the Dragon Rune in the past and asks for your help to recover it. He can send you back in time to just after the rune was lost.

Rewards: After defeating the dragon that stole the rune, you receive a +2 Stone as a reward​​.

13. Heaven Runes Quest

Task: Collect 5 HeavenRunes from enemies on an island.

Rewards: Upon collection, you can trade these for a Refined Tortoise Gem​​.

14. Rachel Hairpin Quest

Task: Find Rachel’s lost hairpin, which she misplaced while under the influence of Black Pearl Dust.

Rewards: Returning the hairpin earns you an old dress with a stain​​.

15. Aria’s Quest (Socket Scroll)

Task: Help Aria create a virus to destroy the apes in Ape City by collecting 3 monkey teeth from Macaque.

Rewards: Bringing back the teeth rewards you with a Socket Scroll​​.

16. Aldrick’s Quest (Black Pearls)

Task: Recover 3 Black Pearls stolen by bandits located on the northeastern island.

Rewards: Returning the pearls could randomly give you either 100 CPs or a FabledCoffer, based on a random draw​​.