In Depth Class Overviews

Fire Taoists in BruteCO are a unique class that combines the elements of strategic play and raw power. They are particularly adept in player-versus-player (PvP) scenarios, though they require patience due to their slower leveling pace.

Core Features of Fire Taoists:

  1. PvP Effectiveness and Skills:
    • Ease of PvP: Fire Taoists are known for their straightforward PvP approach, requiring minimal skill for effective combat, making them accessible to a wide range of players.
    • Targeted Strengths: Exceptionally effective against Trojans and Warriors, they play a crucial role in guild wars, especially in countering flying Archers.
  2. Leveling Pace and Damage Output:
    • Slow Leveling: One of the main drawbacks of this class is their slower progression in leveling up compared to other classes.
    • High Damage Skills: Despite the slow leveling, they compensate with high damage output. Mana Pulse, akin to a Fast Blade skill, offers high damage and can target flying enemies. It’s a great alternative to Tornado for players skilled in precision hits.
  3. Defensive and Special Abilities:
    • Dodge Ability: Particularly effective against Archers, especially for players who have reached the 2nd Rebirth and adopted the Double Fire Combo.
    • Final Promotion Benefit: The last upgrade for Fire Taoists boosts their magic damage by 20%, enhancing their prowess against both players and monsters.
  4. Strategic Gameplay:
    • Countering Water Taoists: Fire Taoists excel in countering Water Taoists, using Bomb to damage their mana and disrupt revival strategies.
    • Stigma Usage: Stigma, a skill traditionally used for physical damage, is also effective for boosting their magical attacks.
  5. Limitations:
    • Weakness Against Same Class: They are less effective against other Fire Taoists, which can lead to stalemates in battles.
    • Specific Utility in Guild Wars: While they are indispensable in guild wars for their specific roles, their effectiveness can be limited in more varied combat scenarios.


Fire Taoists in BruteCO are a class that offers a blend of strategic gameplay, powerful magic, and specific advantages in PvP settings. While they might be slow in leveling and have specific weaknesses, their strengths in guild wars and against certain classes make them a valuable addition to any team. Their ability to deal significant damage, coupled with their strategic importance in countering specific classes, defines their role in the BruteCO universe.

Water Taoists in BruteCO are primarily known for their healing and support capabilities, though they also possess offensive skills. Their role is integral in team settings, offering a balanced mix of support and damage.

Core Features of Water Taoists:

  1. Healing and Support Skills:
    • Revive Skill: A crucial skill in any team, especially in critical combat situations. Its effectiveness, however, varies based on the player’s gear choice. Opting for a melee build may reduce the potency of revive compared to using a backsword and magic gear.
    • Enhanced Healing: Unlike in standard CO, cure spells in BruteCO, including healing abilities, are influenced by Magic Attack, allowing Water Taoists to heal significantly more (thousands of HP per heal) compared to the typical 800 HP.
  2. Offensive Abilities:
    • Mana Pulse: A unique skill that functions similarly to Fast Blade but with damage based on Magic Attack, making leveling up easier and more independent.
  3. Defensive Mechanisms:
    • Stigma and Magic Shield: These skills are more effective in BruteCO than in regular CO, providing crucial defense in battles. Notably, Magic Shield offers 15% more defense when used by a Water Taoist, enhancing survivability.
  4. Build Variations:
    • Melee Water Build: This build offers a different playstyle but comes at the cost of reduced effectiveness in traditional Water Taoist skills like Revive and healing spells.
    • Magic Gear Focus: Using magic-oriented gear maximizes the effectiveness of healing and support abilities.
  5. Balanced Playstyle:
    • Support and Offense: Water Taoists are adept at balancing their roles between supporting allies with heals and buffs and engaging enemies with offensive spells.


Water Taoists in BruteCO are a versatile class, proficient in both support and offense. Their unique skill set, especially the custom skill Mana Pulse, allows them a more autonomous leveling experience. The effectiveness of their abilities, particularly in healing and reviving, is closely tied to their gear choices and Magic Attack stats. Their enhanced defensive skills like Stigma and Magic Shield make them invaluable in team scenarios, offering robust support while holding their own in combat. This makes them a well-rounded choice for players seeking a balance of offensive capabilities and supportive roles in the BruteCO environment.

Trojans in BruteCO are renowned for their exceptional damage per second (DPS), making them a formidable force in combat. Here’s a comprehensive look at their capabilities and playstyle:

Core Features of Trojans:

  1. Unmatched DPS:
    • Trojans excel in delivering high damage output, dominating almost all classes in terms of raw power.
  2. Signature Skills and Weapons:
    • Scent Sword/Fast Blade: These skills enable Trojans to potentially one-hit-kill opponents, though accuracy is crucial.
    • Hercules: A skill that offers easier hits at the expense of some damage output.
    • Dagger: Enhanced viability due to its Defense De-Buff weapon skill.
    • Life Steal and Stun Abilities: Available with other weapon types but Club, Sword, and Blade remain the most dominant.
  3. Combat Strategy:
    • Versus Archers: Trojans struggle against flying archers due to their inability to reach them effectively.
    • Versus Taoists: While challenging, Trojans can counter Taoists using Hercules, though success isn’t guaranteed.
    • Class Counters: Fast Blade and Scent Sword are lethal against most classes that Trojans can physically reach.
  4. Team Dynamics:
    • Trojans are a vital component in a balanced team, providing heavy hitting power. Their limitations against certain classes underscore the importance of having a diverse team composition.


Trojans in BruteCO maintain their status as the masters of DPS, wielding immense power in their strikes. While they excel in direct combat, they face challenges against classes like Archers and Taoists, highlighting the need for strategic team compositions. With their array of skills and weapons, especially the potent Scent Sword, Fast Blade, and Hercules, Trojans are a crucial asset in any battle scenario. Their ability to adapt with different weapon skills, like life steal and stun, adds to their versatility on the battlefield. In essence, Trojans in BruteCO are the epitome of brute force, capable of turning the tide in combat with their unparalleled damage output.

Warriors in BruteCO epitomize durability and resilience, making them a unique class with distinct advantages. Here’s an in-depth look at their characteristics, strategies, and gameplay nuances:

Core Features of Warriors:

  1. Exceptional Survivability:
    • Warriors are tailored for endurance, equipped to withstand significant damage, making them the tankiest class in BruteCO.
  2. Leveling Efficiency:
    • They are often the fastest class to level up, although their damage output doesn’t quite match that of a Trojan.
  3. Enhanced Defense Mechanics:
    • Shields and Helmets provide more defense for Warriors than for other classes.
    • Shields grant a 15% chance of damage reflection, compared to a 5% chance for other classes.
  4. Unique Perks and Skills:
    • A special perk activates randomly while running, healing a portion of the Warrior’s missing HP.
    • Roar (XP Skill): Once considered ineffective, it now delivers substantial AoE damage over a large area, enhancing the Warrior’s battlefield presence.
    • Reflect (Reborn Skill): Makes the Warrior an excellent choice for a reborn class.
  5. Combat Tactics:
    • Counter Strategies: Warriors can counter flying Archers using Roar or Flying Moon, especially when timed with the XP Skill.
    • Damage Mitigation: Building a character with high -DMG gear and a shield allows Warriors to absorb hits that would typically overwhelm other classes.
  6. Weaponry and Skills:
    • Warriors have the flexibility to use various weapons like Glaives or Poleaxes, each offering unique skills.


Warriors in BruteCO are the quintessence of a defensive powerhouse, designed to endure and outlast opponents on the battlefield. Their increased defense from shields and helmets, combined with the unique perks of health regeneration and damage reflection, position them as the ideal frontline combatants. With the revamped Roar XP Skill and the strategic use of Reflect, Warriors not only sustain themselves in prolonged fights but also contribute effectively to team battles. Their capability to counter specific classes like Archers and to withstand substantial damage makes them invaluable in diverse combat scenarios. Overall, the Warrior class in BruteCO is a testament to the balance between defense and offense, offering players a robust and resilient gameplay experience.

Archers in BruteCO maintain their classic role as the premier farming class, with unique perks and skills that enhance both their farming efficiency and PvP viability. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Archers stand out in BruteCO:

Core Features of Archers:

  1. Farming Efficiency:
    • Archers excel in farming, adept at taking down swarms of mobs with their Scatter skill, effectively slaying multiple monsters in a single shot.
  2. PvP Dynamics:
    • In PvP scenarios, Archers have the advantage of mobility, able to fly and evade opponents, though they are still vulnerable to Taoists.
    • The use of Archers in PvP is less common, as their strengths are more aligned with farming.
  3. Unique Abilities:
    • Superman Skill: Uniquely, Archers in BruteCO can learn the Superman skill. While not as potent as on a Warrior, it’s a valuable asset for end-game farming.

Archer-Specific Perks and Skills:

  1. Concentration Perk:
    • Firing arrows from the ground (non-flying state) significantly boosts damage output. This perk encourages strategic positioning for maximum damage.
  2. Buffed Skill for 2nd Reborn Archer:
    • “Frozen Arrow” ability is now integrated into the Rapid Fire skill, providing on-demand stun capabilities. This skill effectively stops opponents from using skills and attacking for a few seconds, adding a tactical edge to the Archer’s arsenal.


In BruteCO, Archers are the quintessential farming class, designed for high-efficiency mob control and resource gathering. Their ability to fly grants them a unique tactical advantage, particularly in avoiding melee confrontations. The introduction of the Superman skill and the Concentration perk further enhances their farming capabilities, while the revamped Frozen Arrow skill adds a new layer of strategy in PvP situations. Overall, Archers in BruteCO embody a blend of agility, strategic combat, and unmatched farming prowess, making them an essential class for both resource accumulation and tactical gameplay.

Ninjas in BruteCO are designed to embody the essence of agility and lethal precision. These characters are a refined version of the original ninja class, balancing their formidable speed and damage potential with a necessary trade-off in durability.

Core Features of Ninjas:

  1. Enhanced Mobility and Speed: Ninjas are exceptionally quick, allowing players to maneuver around the battlefield with ease. This agility is a core aspect of their gameplay, enabling them to dodge attacks and position themselves strategically.
  2. Fragility as a Trade-Off: With great speed comes reduced sturdiness. Ninjas have fewer health points compared to other classes, making them vulnerable to heavy attacks. Players must utilize their agility to avoid damage and survive in combat.
  3. Skill Adjustments and Custom Abilities:
    • Nerfed Toxic Fog: The Toxic Fog skill has been reworked. It now requires close-range (melee) engagement to be cast, akin to the Two Fold Blades ability. This change demands more tactical engagement from players.
    • Shadow Cyclone: A visually distinct version of the Cyclone skill. It features a darker theme and is shorter in duration, offering quick, impactful bursts of damage.
    • Shadow Step: This ability allows Ninjas to teleport across the screen to a chosen location. It provides an unparalleled level of mobility, making the Ninja a highly unpredictable and elusive target.
  4. Gameplay Style:
    • Ninjas in BruteCO offer a gameplay experience that is both exhilarating and challenging. Players must balance their offensive capabilities with their vulnerability to damage.
    • The class is ideal for those who enjoy fast-paced combat, requiring quick reflexes and strategic positioning.
    • With their katana in hand, Ninjas can unleash a flurry of attacks, making them formidable adversaries in one-on-one combat.
  5. Visual and Thematic Appeal:
    • Ninjas are designed with a cool, dark aesthetic, resonating with the theme of stealth and mystery.
    • Their skills and movements are visually striking, adding to the overall excitement of playing this class.


Ninjas in BruteCO are a thrilling class to play, perfect for players who relish speed and tactical combat. While their fragility presents a challenge, it is balanced by their impressive mobility and unique skill set. Whether darting across the battlefield with Shadow Step or unleashing a Shadow Cyclone, playing a Ninja offers a unique and engaging experience in the realm of BruteCO.