Guide to Real Estate

In BruteCO, players have the opportunity to own various properties, each offering unique benefits. This guide provides an overview of how to purchase properties and what to expect from your investments.

Types of Properties Available:

  1. Twin City Blacksmith
  2. Twin City Pharmacy
  3. Small House next to Artisan Wind’s House
  4. Artisan Wind’s House
  5. Twin City Armorer
  6. Twin City Promotion Center
  7. Twin City Stables
  8. House Above Stables
  9. Skymaze Pagoda
  10. House Across from Arena
  11. Simon’s House
  12. Twin City Capitol Building
  13. John’s House
  14. Buddha Statue
  15. Twin City Mine

Purchasing Process:

  1. Starting the Bid: Interact with the real estate flag associated with the property you’re interested in. You’ll be informed about the current owner and the bid needed to purchase the property.
  2. Placing Your Bid: Enter a bid higher than the current owner’s bid. If outbid, your investment is returned.
  3. Ownership Transition: If successful, you’ll become the new owner, and the previous owner will receive the property’s value in gold.

Benefits of Ownership:

  • Revenue Generation: Properties generate revenue (gold or virtue points) every hour.
  • Value Depreciation: The property’s value depreciates over time, but the income usually outweighs the depreciation.

Property-Specific Details:

  • Income and Depreciation: Each property has a specific hourly income and depreciation rate. Higher-valued properties tend to generate more revenue but also depreciate faster.
  • Minimum Value: Each property has a minimum value, below which it cannot depreciate.

Additional Information:

  • Outbidding Mechanism: When outbid, the previous owner doesn’t receive the new bid amount but the actual value of the property. This system is designed to prevent exploitation through alternate accounts.
  • Depreciation Rate: Properties depreciate at 1/10th their hourly income rate. This mechanism ensures property values don’t become unmanageably high.

Special Properties:

  • Twin City Mine: Generates gems instead of gold.
  • Buddha Statue and Simon’s House: These properties generate virtue points instead of gold.

Unavailable Properties:

As of the current update, some properties like the Fortune Teller’s House and various others in Phoenix City are not available for purchase.


Owning real estate in BruteCO is a strategic investment, offering both risks and rewards. Property ownership in the game adds an extra layer of depth, allowing players to earn passive income and engage in the game’s economy.