Boss Spawns

Introduction: Boss spawns in BruteCO offer challenging battles at specific times each day. Knowing the timings and locations of these spawns can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Daily Boss Spawn Schedule and Locations:

  1. Tiger King Event:
    • Spawn Location: Phoenix Castle Gates (Coordinates: 216, 319).
    • Spawn Time: 2:00 AM (Initial alert at 1:55 AM).
    • Strategy: Collaboration is key for defeating this mighty foe.
  2. Pheasant King Event:
    • Spawn Location: Near Twin City Gates (Coordinates: 443, 484).
    • Spawn Time: 6:00 AM (Initial alert at 5:55 AM).
    • Tips: Employ agility and speed to outmaneuver its attacks.
  3. Fury Ape Event:
    • Spawn Location: Near Ape City (Coordinates: 608, 588).
    • Spawn Time: 10:00 AM (Initial alert at 9:55 AM).
    • Advice: Prepare for a high-damage encounter.
  4. Bandits Event:
    • Spawn Location: Bird Island Gates (Multiple Coordinates).
    • Spawn Time: 2:00 PM (Initial alert at 1:55 PM).
    • Strategy: Effective against numerous enemies, teamwork is crucial.
  5. Sand King Event:
    • Spawn Location: Desert City Gates (Coordinates: 556, 648).
    • Spawn Time: 6:00 PM (Initial alert at 5:55 PM).
    • Tips: Utilize fast attacks to tackle this monstrous entity.
  6. Dragon Lord Event:
    • Spawn Location: Kylin Cave (Coordinates: 282, 444).
    • Spawn Time: 10:00 PM (Initial alert at 9:55 PM).
    • Strategy: A group effort is recommended for a successful raid.

General Tips for Daily Boss Events:

  • Timeliness: Arrive at the event location a few minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Preparation: Ensure your gear is up to standard and you have sufficient supplies.
  • Teamwork: Joining forces with other players can make these battles more manageable.
  • Adaptability: Each boss has unique mechanics; adapt your tactics accordingly.
  • Loot Etiquette: Discuss loot sharing with your group beforehand to avoid disputes.

By familiarizing yourself with these timings and coordinates, you can effectively plan your gameplay around these high-stakes battles for a chance at rare and valuable rewards in BruteCO.