All About Fishing

Welcome to the world of fishing in BruteCO! This guide will take you through everything you need to know about fishing in the game, from getting started to what you can catch.

Getting Started with Fishing

  1. Locate the Fishing Spot NPC: To begin your fishing adventure, find the Fishing Spot NPC who will guide you through the process. He’s on the southern TC bridge.
  2. Starting/Stopping Fishing: Approach the NPC and select “Start/Stop Fishing” to begin or end your fishing session.
  3. Fishing Requirements:
    • Ensure you have no weapon equipped to free up your hand for a net.
    • You must have a Fishing Net in your inventory. You can buy one from the NPC.
    • You must be standing on any edge of the bridge.

How to Go Fishing

  1. Buy a Fishing Net: If you don’t have a Fishing Net, you can purchase one from the NPC. You might need to bring him 5 Pheasant Breasts in exchange for the net though.
  2. Find the Right Spot: You can only fish in designated fishing areas, specifically near the water in the area with coordinates between X:609-638 and Y:674 or Y:680 in Twin City.
  3. Start Fishing: Talk to the NPC and select “Start Fishing.” Ensure you’re in the fishing area.

What Happens When You Fish

  • Every 5 minutes, you have a chance to catch something while fishing.
  • The outcomes vary based on chance:
    • No Catch: Sometimes, you might not catch anything.
    • Silver Coins: You could find 2500 silver coins.
    • Fish Parts: There’s a chance to catch a fin or a big fish. (Cook with them for rewards?)
    • Rare Finds: Occasionally, you might catch unique items like a meteor, a sword (Hmm?), or even a Treasure Chest.
    • Character Points (CPs): There’s a chance to even net 50 CPs.
  • Your success in fishing depends on the random chance calculated every 5 minutes.

Additional Notes

  • One Account Per IP: The game allows only one fishing session per IP address at a time to ensure fair play.
  • No Multi-Fishing: If you’re already fishing on one account, you cannot start fishing on another until you stop the first one.

Tips for Successful Fishing

  • Patience is Key: Fishing is a game of patience. Wait for the 5-minute intervals for your catch.
  • Location Matters: Make sure you are in the correct location to increase your chances of a successful catch.
  • Inventory Check: Keep an eye on your inventory to ensure you have the necessary items for fishing.

Fishing in BruteCO is not just an enjoyable pastime but also a way to earn valuable items and in-game currency. So grab your net, find a cozy spot by the water, and get ready to catch some fish and maybe even some unexpected treasures! Happy fishing! 🎣