A Hunting Slave?

I mean.. Companion!

Welcome to the Hunting Companion System in BruteCO, an intriguing feature that allows players to have a dedicated companion for various adventures and tasks. This guide will help you understand how to acquire, utilize, and benefit from your hunting slave.

Acquiring a Companion

  1. Encounter with the Companion NPC: Start by finding SpecialEnvoy in Twin City. If you do not already have a companion, the NPC will request an antidote to save their steed from a Winged Snake’s poison.
  2. Obtaining the Antidote: The antidote required is a specific item. Once you acquire this item and give it to SpecialEnvoy. he pledges allegiance to you. You can get the antidote from another quest, find Herbalist to begin that one.
  3. Creating a Minion: Upon successful curing of the NPC’s steed, a Minion is created for you. This is indicated by a new file in the game’s database, which stores your Minion’s details.

Interacting with Your Minion

  1. Starting Missions: With a Minion, you can send them on various missions such as Exploration, Hunting, Mining, and Trading (some might not be implemented yet).
  2. Energy and Mission Duration: Your Minion operates on energy accumulated by your online time. Every 2 minutes online grants 1 energy, with a maximum of 1000 minutes of energy storage.
  3. Selecting Missions: You can assign specific missions to your Minion based on your needs, whether it’s gathering resources or exploring new areas.
  4. Mission Rewards: Rewards from missions depend on the duration and type of mission, along with the Minion’s stats and luck.

Upgrading and Managing Your Minion

  1. Improving Minion Stats: Enhance your Minion’s abilities like Attack, Defence, Stamina, and Magic Find using in-game items like Chocolates, Cookies, Lollipops, etc.
  2. Customizing Minion’s Avatar: Change the appearance of your Minion by selecting a new avatar.
  3. IP Limit: To prevent abuse, there’s a limit of one Minion per IP address that can be sent on a mission at any given time.
  4. Level Caps and Stat Growth: Your Minion’s level and stats can grow as they complete missions, with certain caps in place to maintain balance.
  5. Retrieving Your Minion: You can recall your Minion anytime, but the rewards depend on how long they were out and their success.

Key Features and Tips

  • Energy Accumulation: Stay online to gather energy for your Minion’s activities.
  • Strategic Mission Planning: Longer missions are more efficient for gaining better loot.
  • Diverse Missions: Engage your Minion in various tasks for a wide range of rewards.
  • Stat Focus: Prioritize upgrading stats that align with your gameplay and mission choices.
  • Regular Interaction: Check in with your Minion regularly to manage and optimize their tasks.

Your Minion in BruteCO is more than just an aide; they’re a companion in your journey, offering unique opportunities to enhance your gameplay experience. Utilize them wisely and enjoy the benefits they bring to your adventure!