The Fragmented Realm Event – Patch Notes

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a decent sized update, I’ve done some minor work and a lot of behind the scenes work though lately. I won’t post too much about that but my main focus up until recently was a lot of networking and server stability related updates, so things might have seemed stale for a while! I’ve improved on a fair bit and there’s plenty to go. We’ll likely notice less issues with the odd server hang or lag we were encountering where you could only manually attack, etc. We’ll continue to work on things and improve over time.

These specific patch notes will mainly revolve around The Fragmented Realm, I had re-worked MapWide experience but how it all functions, the order of deductions, is making it a lot less experience you gain than intended. It seems so simple to fix but it’s a fair bit to wrap your head around. The reason it felt so nice initially is because it wasn’t actually working at all.. so when it is fixed finally you will notice a slight decrease in experience, but there’s bonuses such as power leveling those not in your guild. I may just simplify the whole thing at this point, allow anyone to get mapwide power leveled with usual rates. It all seems like a punch in the face to lower it now, since you’re so used to it not even working to begin with. We will see! Anyway, we will get into that more later when it’s actually fixed.. for now it’s reverted back to it’s original code.

As for The Fragmented Realm! As usual who the heck knows about balance, we will either make this not so OP over time, or make it worth while over time. We have to test it out and experiment. Either way it’s something new and different. Here’s some information about it and how it works. It kind of figure it’s a quest, farming area, event, all-in-one!

The Fragmented Realm

Welcome to the Fragmented Realm in BruteCO, a thrilling and mysterious dimension that offers players unique challenges and rewards. This guide provides all the information you need to navigate and conquer this realm.

What is the Fragmented Realm?

The Fragmented Realm is a mystical dimension in BruteCO, consisting of six floating platforms suspended over a sea of lava. Each platform is inhabited by different monsters and holds a piece of a mysterious map. The realm is not always accessible and opens only at specific times, creating an exclusive and challenging environment for players.

Accessing the Fragmented Realm

To enter the Fragmented Realm, players must acquire a SpiritRune or GoldRune. These runes can both be obtained from killing Thunder Apes within the second map of AC.

Jack, the guardian of the realm, located in Ape City, facilitates entry to the realm when it’s open. The opening times are announced in-game, so keep an eye out for these crucial notifications.

The Fragmented Realm opens for 15 minutes, every 2 hours. You can pay attention to game notifications, type /events, or talk to Jack to find out times. Jack will tell you how much time the realm is open for if it has already started, and how much time left until it opens if it hasn’t started yet.

Using SpiritRunes and GoldRunes

  • SpiritRune: Grants random access to one of the six platforms.
  • GoldRune: Allows players to choose their desired platform.

GoldRunes are 1/4 the drop rate of SpiritRunes. These are meant to be useful later on, if you were in need of a specific map fragment you were struggling to obtain.

The Platforms & Monsters

Each platform in the Fragmented Realm is unique, with different types of monsters:

  1. Platform 1: Macaque
  2. Platform 2: SandMonsters
  3. Platform 3: Birdmen
  4. Platform 4: RedDevils
  5. Platform 5: UndeadAdventurers
  6. Platform 6: ValeDemons

As you can see, monsters get harder for each platform forward. If you were lower it might be useless entering with SpiritRunes, but you can take the gamble.

Objectives and Rewards

The primary objective in the Fragmented Realm is to collect Map Fragments from each platform. These fragments are dropped by monsters at varying rates of rarity. Collecting all six fragments is a significant achievement and leads to further adventures and rewards.

Map Fragments Drop Rates

  • Map Fragment 1: 1 in 4000 chance.
  • Map Fragment 2: 1 in 5000 chance.
  • Map Fragment 3: 1 in 6000 chance.
  • Map Fragment 4: 1 in 7000 chance.
  • Map Fragment 5: 1 in 8000 chance.
  • Map Fragment 6: 1 in 9000 chance.

You’ll notice that what is also harder is the chance of receiving map fragments. It’s expected for each platform’s map fragment to increase in value the higher the number.

Once you have found all 6 map fragments, bring them to Aria in Ape City, she’s right in the center. Aria will reward you with a Socket Tome, and a +6, +7 or +8 Stone. +6 is guaranteed, with a 1/15 chance to get a +7, and a 1/30 chance to get a +8.

These rewards are subject to change after more testing, to ensure a nice balance and that it’s worth while.

Strategy, Tips & Bonuses

  • Time Management: You have limited time in the realm, so plan your actions strategically. Farm runes prior to the realm opening.
  • Choose Your Battles: Each platform has different monsters. Choose the one that suits your playstyle and objectives if you have the proper runes.
  • Team Up: Some challenges are tough. Consider teaming up with other players for better success.
  • Auto Looted Runes, Map Fragments: If you’re VIP then both runes and map fragments will be auto looted. No wasting time!
  • 30% EXP Bonus: You’ll notice in the top left, some kills may grant 30% more EXP than they usually do. This does add up as you’re farming.
  • x2 Drop Rates: When in the realm, +1-6 stones have x2 drop rates, along with Meteors and Dragonballs.
  • No PvP: For now, there is no PvP allowed in the realm, this may be changed over time. With a small player base farming shouldn’t be too bad, though in a populated environment it may be tough for multiple players to farm on a platform – so maybe we’ll enable PvP and you could battle it out for it!
  • Death Teleport: Upon a revive you’ll be sent to Twin City, so be smart and safe!


The Fragmented Realm in BruteCO offers an exciting and dynamic environment for players seeking adventure and unique rewards. With this guide, you’re now equipped to explore this mysterious realm, defeat monsters, and collect the coveted Map Fragments. I tried to add a variety of bonuses so it’s worth going in to farm, whether you’re leveling a character in the nice cluster of monsters, farming for better +stone rates, or actually hunting for the map fragments. Good luck, and may you harness the realm’s energies to your advantage!

Be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding The Fragmented Realm!

Other Notable Changes:

  • Voting link at the Raven is now our new, proper voting link.
  • Monster respawn animation has changed, gives a bit of a different feel, looks cooler!