Voiced NPCs & More – Patch 20230001

Exciting Client Update Alert!

  • Heads Up, Brutes! Today’s update needs a bit more from you – a client update. So, fire up BruteLauncher.exe and gear up your client to the latest version. And guess what? This is just the beginning. We’re also gearing up for a festive Christmas event and more cool updates, coming your way real soon!

New Thrilling Features

  1. Voiced NPCs in Twin City: A Game-Changer!
    • Ever wondered how it would feel to have NPCs not just stand there but actually talk to you? Well, wonder no more! Hell, Bulk Storage, Rachel, and Raven are now not just NPCs; they’re your new talking buddies.
    • Get up close and personal for a chit-chat, or keep your distance if you prefer the silent treatment – the choice is yours.
    • The voices aren’t just there; they’re part of the world. They’ll get louder as you get closer, just like in real life.
    • A heads-up: You might want to tweak your sound settings a bit to get the full experience.
    • We can’t wait to hear what you think about this. Your feedback is important so be sure to communicate your thoughts on Discord and in-game!
  2. Weapon Visual Overhaul: Desolation & Sokushi
    • Desolation (Taoist level 135 weapon): Not just a weapon, but a piece of art now. Enjoy the revamped look that’s sure to make your enemies think twice.
    • Sokushi (Ninja level 135 weapon): Bigger, badder, cooler; it’s a statement. The updated model and effects are here to make your ninja moves even more badass.

Gameplay GUI Enhancements

Interface Windows: A Fresh Look

  • We’ve given a fresh coat of paint to our GUI windows, making them sleek, stylish, and more in tune with the BruteCO vibe. Guild, Shops, Friends & Enemies, and more – all got the makeover treatment.
  1. Combat/KO Numbers: Back to Basics
    • We’re going retro with a twist! The original number style is back, but with a modern glow. It’s simple, it’s clear, and it just feels right.
  2. Trees and Plants: More Colors, More Life
    • We’ve splashed a whole new palette of colors across the game’s flora. It’s not just green anymore; it’s a rainbow out there. The world just got a little more lively and a lot less bland.
  3. Team Leader Star: New Look, New Spot
    • Blue is the new gold. Your Team Leader Star now sports a cool blue hue and floats higher, making it easier to spot your leader in the heat of battle.
  4. Default Shadow: Darker, Better, Stronger
    • A simple tweak, a big difference. We’ve darkened the default shadow for better visibility, because every detail counts.
  5. Lucky Time: Redesigned for You
    • A new lucky time theme. It’s unique, less resource-hungry, and 100% BruteCO.

Other Cool Tweaks

  • We’ve moved the +/-DMG item drop notifications to the main chat. No more clutter, just the important stuff.
  • Plus, we’ve ironed out some kinks in the dialogues and information for a smoother gaming experience.
  • More rankings releasing today on the website, with top 10s, etc. not only 1 top player!

We’re All Ears!

  • Your thoughts, ideas, and feedback are what drive us. Share your experiences with these new updates and let’s make BruteCO not just a game, but a world we build together.

Stay tuned, stay excited, and let’s keep the adventure rolling!