Go to hell, Archers! – Patch Notes

While there’s no patch client patch, here’s a list of our server sided updates over the past few days including some new changes today. The most notable one is probably allowing you never-satisfied loot hungry archers back into Hell. Off you go! Be sure to give me feedback on the rates in there versus playing a melee class.

Event Updates

  • PK Tournament Frequency: Now occurs 4x less frequently.
  • PK Tournament Rewards: Adjusted to 450 from 750.
  • Skill Restrictions in PK Tournaments: ‘AdvancedFly’ and ‘XPFly’ disabled.


  • Automated Donations: Now fixed for seamless transactions.

Zone/Map Changes

  • Archers in Hell: Allowed with 30% reduced rates.
  • Charity Chest: Fixed and relocated to Market.
  • Twin City NPC Adjustments: Re-arranged/removed for improved gameplay.

Monster Spawn Adjustments

  • MysticRobin and MysticGhost: Increased spawn quantity by 20%.
  • Banditti in Bird Island: Spawn quantity up by 150%.
  • Bandit in Phoenix Castle: 20% more spawns.
  • TombBat and BloodyBat in Mystic Castle: Spawn quantity doubled.
  • Robins in Twin City: 50% more Robins.
  • Pheasants in Twin City: Reduced by 25%.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Brute Coins: Correctly awarded every 30 minutes.
  • Auto Compose: Permanently removed.

    Enjoy the new changes and keep providing me with feedback!