BruteCO Release – Patch 20230000

We’re back Brutes, better than ever! Here’s what’s new: New Features

  • New Fishing Skill: Explore the tranquil art of fishing with our new passive skill, available at the southern bridge in Twin City. Like mining, fishing offers a peaceful way to gain experience and rewards.

Class Updates

  • Superman Archers: Archers can now master the Superman XP skill at their trainer in the promotion hall. While it offers a lower damage bonus compared to warriors, it’s a significant enhancement over other archer XP skills.
  • Ninja Class Adjustments: The dual katana passive AoE skill has been removed. Toxic Fog cannot be cast from a distance, akin to Twofold Blades but with AoE impact.

Quest Reworks

  • Dark Dagger Quest: Collect kills to exchange for a Dark Dagger with Quickshade. The Dark Dagger now has a 25% chance of failure upon use. Successful use of the Dark Dagger can grant 1, 2, or 3 days of VIP time.
  • The Exterminator Quest: Now allows kill counts in the millions, removing the previous 50,000 limit.
  • Skymaze Hero Quest: The token boss’s drop rate for hero tokens reduced to 25%.
  • Minor quest adjustments include the possibility of alternative unknown rewards.

Shopping Mall Changes

  • Singular Meteors, DragonBalls, and Meteor Tears have been removed. Larger packs remain available. This change aims to enhance player trading and market stall usage.
  • Prices for Buff Stone Packs, Elixirs, and Teleport Scrolls have been increased.

Skill Balancing

  • Snow: The Wand skill “Snow” now levels properly with adjusted damage calculations.
  • Penetration: The Dagger skill “Penetration” has been nerfed, with reduced damage and activation chance.
  • Reflect: Shield-equipped warriors have a 15% chance to reflect damage; those without shields have a 5% chance.

Item Upgrading

  • DBUpgrader is removed. Upgrading with DBs is no longer available in the Market.
  • UpgradeMaster will now only offer Mana, HP, and Poison upgrades.
  • Artisan Wind in TC is now the exclusive method for upgrading level/quality.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Twin City swarm events have been rescheduled and relocated to the southeastern gates to reduce city lag.
  • Guild wars are now set to automatically occur every Thursday and Sunday.
  • The 1 damage tournament and automatic maintenance have been disabled.
  • Hell level requirements adjusted: now 120 or above, no archers.
  • Mapwide experience, previously removed, is reinstated but at half the rate compared to on-screen power leveling.
  • Charity Chest has been relocated to Twin City.
  • Various NPCs in the Market and Twin City have been rearranged.
  • Players will now earn 1 Brute Coin every 30 minutes during gameplay and an additional 10 CP every 15 minutes in The Above.
  • Mystic Robin and Mystic Ghost spawn rates increased by 20%.