BruteCO has returned?

BruteCO News Image

Hey everyone, guess what? BruteCO, our beloved Conquer Online private server, is back in the game! I know, I know, we took a little unscheduled vacation there for a couple of years… but we’re back now, and we’re not just dusting off the old code. We’re here to pump in some fresh energy and bring you all the classic thrills with a side of shiny new updates.

We’ve missed the chaos, the battles, the community – all of it. And we’re betting you’ve missed it too. So, we’re doubling down on our commitment to make BruteCO the place where old memories come to life and new ones are waiting around every corner.

Get ready to dive back into the action. We’re not just reliving the good old days; we’re setting the stage for the best days yet to come. Let’s make some waves, have a blast, and remind everyone why BruteCO is the server that stands out from the rest.

Glad to be back, brutes. See you in-game!

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